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Vivid Zone is a full-service digital marketing agency that lives and breathes “outside the box”. We are a team of digital marketing experts who catch those pure gold ideas and transform them into reality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to  “GIVE LIFE to all your IDEAS.”

You envision, we deliver”

This is what makes us move forward.




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The number of websites is growing every year. More and more companies are investing in making their website a full-fledged showcase. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and you need to be up to date with trends so that your website is considered modern. What web development trends will apply in 2023? Here are a few of them.
Last year, minimalism, split screen and layers were in vogue. Are you curious if these trends continue? If yes, check out the web development trends for 2023!


The pandemic suddenly and forever altered all industries, but if we talk about the technology sector and marketing, it was not a change but the fiercest transformation. So if you too wish to take advantage of digital marketing in 2023, better keep an eye on the trends. Before you dive into the definitive guide to marketing trends, we want you to keep in mind at all times that the future of digital marketing involves implementing new and better systems to help your users and build their loyalty by creating relevant experiences.


BPO - Business process outsourcing is an effective solution for companies that are looking for ways to optimize their business processes while minimizing the contribution of their own employees. Thanks to this form of cooperation, the team can fully focus on other tasks. Besides this, there are many other benefits of process outsourcing.To know what exactly you gain by using BPO – Business Process Outsourcing, read the post below:
7 Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing For Your Company


We believe in the entrepreneurial ethos because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We want to help our customers sell more. What distinguishes us is maximum realism. We don’t always know everything – but we always say what we know. This is important. We always choose the best tools.

For smaller companies – we offer a perfectly targeted presence in the Google and Facebook ecosystems. We maintain maximum transparency. The customer always knows what he pays for and what the result is. Thanks to cooperation with large companies, we know all the advertising possibilities. This allows us to choose the ones that will be the best for local businesses.

For more advanced marketers, we offer top solutions in the field of online media. SEM, SEO, Performance Marketing, Programmatic Buying, Influencer Marketing, CPI Application Promotion, advertising mailings, and display brand advertising. Thanks to cooperation with small companies, we respect every budget and offer what is most effective.

Vivid Zone is a media agency whose campaigns just work.

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