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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of Business Process Management (BPM), It's essential to understand and determine the values that can scale your startup or business, Our process begins with analyzing and figuring out the right solution that can make the most significant impact on your business ROI. Our quality assurance processes cover performance evaluations, to ensure we deliver exceptional services that meet industry standards.

We utilize proven cutting-edge cloud technologies and cross-channel coherence to deliver quality services and robust solutions.

  • Our services cover the full spectrum of needs from strategy to end product

    In today’s digital era businesses performs only as well as IT infrastructure. We can help you by enhancing your capabilities and unleashing unprecedented performance. We leverage the latest technology to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Exceptional business process outsourcing at scale

We are fully capable of handling sales operations, tech support, and back-office tasks. Our dedicated team can help you manage tasks at high volumes and make business process improvements. With Vivid Zone support services you can focus more on building your business, while your clientele gets the exceptional service they deserve. We have the right capabilities to deliver contact center and business process outsourcing services.


Premium outsourced customer services at an affordable prices

Streamline your sales and billing with a dedicated sales team

Back office services includes operations, billing & IT

Analyzing business needs and goals
Best-In-Industry BPO Services Services for business growth and resiliency

Our vast contact center outsourcing experience has enabled us to handle support and sales operations for several brands leading them towards growth and sustainability.

Whether you're looking to outsource all of your business functions or just some of them, Vivid Zone has the best industry experience and expertise to cover all areas of  BPO services including back Office Processes, Sales, IT solutions, Accounts, Billing, and customer support services. 

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a way to get a competitive advantage, We build software that automates processes at the enterprise level and covers departmental workflows at the micro-level, Vivid Zone offers an agile software development approach to deliver tailored quality software reliably and promptly. We cover a wider range of software solutions including  ERP, operations management software, CRM, EMR, POS, and claims processing software.

ERP & CRM Development

We offer Custom customer relationship management (CRM) and ERP solutions to improve your business processes and increase customer retention. Every business has its own set of requirements to meet and expectations to fulfill. We offer you the opportunity to customize and enhance the business operations. We have a proven track record and industry experience to deliver medical ERP for small to large-scale businesses.

bpo sservice solutions

Backoffice management services outsourcing in USA & Canada

Stay competitive, and improve customer service with our back-office services. We outsource call center processes such as bookkeeping, sales, and marketing, leading to much greater efficiency and improvement in daily customer service levels.

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Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms

Benefits of Outsourcing with Vivid Zone

Consult us on how to improve business operations with IT or digitally transform them. We will create a roadmap that aligns with implementing appropriate solutions.

Industry Expertise

We’ve excelled our expertise in a wide range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers with excellent solutions. 

Affordable pricing plans

We offer custom-made pricing plans to meet your expectations and in order to best serve your particular business needs. 

Transparency of services

We use Agile development methodologies and best project management practices, We provide regular reports on the work accomplished. 

Transforming business capabilities to stay ahead of the curve

Our workflows are intimately interconnected and explicable processes that build business functions to ensure smooth development and scale for maximum ROI.

10+ Years of industry experince

Using our expertise and cross-industry experience our ultimate goal is to create lasting value throughout the development process and the services we provide.

Integrity and Transparency

We always strived to be a reliable partner exceeding customer expectations and believe integrity is the core value we cultivate in our development processes.

Project management

We focus on quality and develop software in compliance with international standards and to deliver a high-quality product that meets your customers’ expectations. We ensure quality assurance by developing clear KPIs and a work breakdown structure that will help you track even a tiny task.

Free consultation

Our consultation is absolutely free, reach out to us to discuss anything from your business needs, new project development, business partnerships, to ascertain how we can assist you and define the next steps of our engagement.


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