BPO – Business process outsourcing is an effective solution for companies that are looking for ways to optimize their business processes while minimizing the contribution of their own employees. Thanks to this form of cooperation, the team can fully focus on other tasks. Besides this, there are many other benefits of process outsourcing. To know what exactly you gain by using BPO – Business Process Outsourcing, read the post below:

7 Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing For Your Company

1.      Immediate access to experienced specialists

Outsourcing partners available on the market are usually experts in their field and have many years of experience. These companies are constantly investing in their specialization, training employees and developing processes. Thanks to this, the level of services offered is unrivaled, and customers can use them practically on the march. Creating a new sector from scratch in your own company with similar efficiency would involve huge expenditures of time and money.

Example: A company based on a stationary business wants to launch e-commerce, but has no experience in online sales or the right conditions. This involves the development of logistics, a separate warehouse and the creation of an online store. Outsourcing in this case allows for professional service of the entire process without the need to modernize the company, employ appropriate specialists and devote many months to implementing and integrating a new sector.

2.      No restrictions related to the location of the company

Companies looking for employees usually have a limited pool of available candidates. The search area is often limited to the vicinity of the company’s location, which seems logical due to the costs of travel or relocation of the employee. This is especially important when the company is based in a small city or is located far from built-up areas. Outsourcing solves this problem. The company can use the services of experts regardless of its location, while not incurring additional costs.

3.      Expanding reach in acquiring experts

Finding the right candidate is a tedious and difficult job, for which the employer often has neither the time nor the resources. Moreover, obtaining a highly specialized expert (when specific qualifications or experience is required) or a group of experts can be near miraculous. Contracting companies have special tools for this, they know where to efficiently look for and place advertisements. Trained HR staff can acquire a specialist in any field with strictly targeted competences. 

4.      Relieving staff and increasing efficiency

Even the most versatile and multi-tasking staff has its limits and is not able to take care of everything. Excessive duties have a negative impact on the quality of work and can lead to fatigue. Delegating some tasks to an external company gives employees space to focus on priority issues. It’s a win-win situation. Narrowing the area of ​​operation of your own staff will increase their efficiency and job satisfaction, and at the same time will significantly reduce the stress associated with overwork. At the same time, the separate process is properly looked after and run by a group of experts.

5.      Cost reduction

Outsourcing can save your business in many ways. 

First of all, this applies to investments related to the training and implementation of a new employee or even the entire team. When we decide to outsource, we pay only for the service, avoiding all the above costs. 

Thanks to the increased talent pool, the acquisition of a specific expert will always take place at market-competitive and attractive prices. The company does not have to overpay to attract a specialist who cannot be found anywhere in the area.

Another opportunity to cut costs relates to temporary projects. Many times companies need a specific service only temporarily, seasonally or even once. Then hiring staff is pointless, and outsourcing such a project allows you to meet the company’s needs for a specific period.

6.      Use of time zones

Some believe that time zones are a big obstacle to successful outsourcing. However, you can use it to your advantage. This mainly applies to services such as customer service or support. With smart scheduling, outsourcing can allow you to run a 24/7 phone line or remote service without having to hire employees for extra paid night shifts.

7.      Reduced risk

Another huge benefit of outsourcing is risk reduction. This applies to several situations. 

Let’s imagine a situation in which a company employs a person for the position of an engineer-technologist. Onboarding and familiarizing such an employee with the working environment often take months. At a later stage, companies can also invest in their staff by paying for training and courses. However, as a result of various situations (job change, sick leave, etc.), the company may lose such an employee. Then you have to do the whole process from the beginning. Outsourcing protects against such a situation, guaranteeing the continuity of the service provided.

The second case is when a company wants to launch a new line of business or test an idea. Outsourcing then becomes a kind of testing ground. This is a great opportunity to implement plans and the opportunity to safely check the theoretical assumptions of the project.

Decisions to introduce a new structure or a new department do not have to bring large losses to the company in the event of their failure. By outsourcing the process, the risk is reduced to a minimum. If a business partner does not deliver the expected results, the company can simply resign from its services.

 Now that you know all of these benefits, you may want to outsource some of your business processes. If you do, connect with VividZone and get your tasks done conveniently.