User experience is often ignored as part of many processes, but it cannot be avoided.

Project Portfolio

The team Vivid Zone designed and developed a wide variety of solutions aimed to use by everyone our user-centric approach creates value for a larger segment of the businesses.

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Development of video production marketplace

A marketplace where brands produce photos and videos at scale and find the right photographer, videographer, or production company. Main features include Post project to project board, log-in for businesses as well as freelancers, review system, an algorithm for working out a budget estimation.

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Salesforce-Based Cloud CRM

A customizable, cloud-based CRM solution with a user-friendly interface with the ability to sync data across customer and employee applications and integration with REST API Analytics. Automate group accounts, generate collaboration within the team, and centralize the communication with customers.

amazon digital services

Amazon data analytics

AWS portal that downloads information about sales, inventory, etc. through the Amazon API and stores it in an SQL database, query information from the database, and take information to determine where Amazon has gone wrong in different areas regarding fees, inventory, sales, etc. This portal has different databases to store information from the GetReports API feature and a set of databases per user, data analytics, and inventory reconciliation reports.

online marketing education

Google for education

Google app engine monitoring portal for teachers and students, In this web portal we provided data analytics tools for the teachers to view data specific based on the student educational activities, Integrated with google workspace that offers the ability to work from any device as well as share and collaborate, allows students to work from any device on documents and projects.

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HIPPA compliant EMR

EMR platform licensed for integration engine, exports all patient reports from databases, allows admins to access pdf reports to be searchable and web-accessible utilizing Active Directory Integration and Permissions.
Fully compliant audit database detailing migration and providing migration audit reports for QA weekly. This reduces Hospital QA involvement by 70%. Allows smart merging of patient accounts with mismatched primary identifiers and resolves duplicates, Smart Metrics to Match 99% of all patient records.

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Search engine ranking app

Online SEO application helps online marketers to analyze competitors for any keywords on Google in any selected country along with mitigating an overall difficulty for ranking within the first page of Google. On-Page SEO Checker tool allows monitoring rankings with ease and suggests recommendations to improve the website’s performance.

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