The pandemic suddenly and forever altered all industries, but if we talk about the technology sector and marketing, it was not a change but the fiercest transformation. So if you too wish to take advantage of digital marketing in 2023, better keep an eye on the trends.

Before you dive into the definitive guide to marketing trends, we want you to keep in mind at all times that the future of digital marketing involves implementing new and better systems to help your users and build their loyalty by creating relevant experiences.

With this in mind, it’s time to discover the digital marketing trends that will put you ahead of your competition:

1.     SEO: Sorry, only room for the best

Doing SEO means appearing first on Google, YouTube or any other search engine, but since these neural networks are entities that evolve every week (yes, every week), the first positions are destined only for those who do intelligent work in the medium and long term.

The job of an SEO professional is to feel the market and define what is the content or product that the client needs. All this is based on data and doing the follow-up that is necessary until reaching the first positions.

Also, while marketing, forget about making an article or video thinking about you and not about your client. The quality of your work, knowing UX (user experience) and knowing how to be relevant in voice searches will define your future.

2.     Automation: Bots work 24/7, do you?

Marketing automation development can be as complex or simple as you want. From data mining to all-in-one CRMs, to the most advanced bots and APIs, the next 5 years will be a roller coaster that will only go up.

If you are an independent marketer, surely you should take a look at the topic of learning programming to know how to consume APIs and do advanced programmatic advertising.

If you have a small marketing agency, consider having a team of developers dedicated to integrating third-party programs to automate work. And if you own a large agency, you must be clear that developing your own software could be your main differentiating factor.

3.     Customer Experience: Customer experience will save you or kill you

While many network marketing professionals forget that having loyal users is the most important thing in any company, customer experience reminds us that it is 5 times cheaper to sell to a customer who already bought than to sell to a new one.

This data allows you to understand why when a company sends a good promotional email to its users, it obtains such effective results compared to the efforts it must make to get new clients on social networks or in search engines.

The customer experience or CE is an integral discipline that encompasses all the efforts of a company or organization to create a powerful bond with the user. If you consider that this is optional, I invite you to think about yourself. Are your favorite companies not customer-centric?

4.     Neuromarketing: The connection between marketing and science

“Before, selling was a technique. Today, it is a science.” With this forceful phrase, most influential marketers make it clear that marketing has become a rigorous and precise procedure.

If terms such as symbolic value, behavioral neuroscience or neuroscience applied to marketing sound Chinese to you, surely it is getting late for you to start studying neuromarketing and start applying scientifically proven techniques to transform your way of marketing and selling.

5.     Omnichannel Marketing: Merging online and offline marketing

Omnichannel marketing is the ability of a company to promote its products or services in a coordinated manner in all the channels in which it participates and creates 360 ​​experiences.

Multichannel marketing enters this elaborate list of current marketing trends because it does not matter if your client is on the web, in e-commerce or the physical store, the modern user demands that each brand they trust be consistent, functional and close.

Thus, omnichannel in future marketing will allow you to know your users deeply and systematically synchronize your online marketing strategies and traditional marketing.

6.     Personal Brand: Learn to tell your story

Having a personal brand will be the difference between the most resounding success and the most resounding failure, for all modern marketing professionals who want to sell themselves online and be relevant in the sector in which they operate.

And the task is no longer as easy as years ago when being known was enough, now a person who has a personal brand is a leader who is not only known by many people but who is respected for having a solid proposal and contributing fresh ideas to the community to which it belongs.

7.      Marketing Analytics: What is not measured cannot be improved

Marketing Analytics has been important since the beginning of internet marketing, but in recent years it has gone from the “important” category to “essential” because it is the branch of internet marketing that is responsible for analyzing the performance of everything we do and define which are the activities that give us a greater return on investment (ROI).

When any market matures, as is the case with internet marketing, only companies or agencies that have the tools and know-how to measure what they do and use that information to enhance their weaknesses, take advantage of their strengths, do well and constantly innovate.

8.     Media Buyer: You have traffic, you have sales

A media buyer, digital trafficker or advertising buyer, is in charge of attracting a large flow of users to a website through online advertising in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

While digital traffic buying experts have been around for several years, this specialization has earned its place in this digital marketing trend guide as demand for these professionals continues to rise.

Many businesses simply need to get more traffic urgently, even if the price of the ad is constantly going up. So, if you too wish the same, invest in media buying.

By following these simple trends you can surely market your products and services efficiently in the digital sphere. And in case you need professional help, bet on our team of digital marketing experts. We are only a click away.