From prototyping to software development, deployment, QA, and testing we provide you with a complete range of software engineering services.

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In our 10 years of custom software and app development experience, we have brought over 100+ ideas to life. Vivid Zone has the knowledge and expertise to build almost any app imaginable. We have skills in a wide variety of platforms and code bases.

Custom Software Development Services



Our custom ERP and CRM software development process is aimed at building scalable systems with the ability to integrate with most business management functions and facilitate data-driven decision-making.


Web Applications

We leverage excellent web development services offering customized and scalable solutions to serve the need of every business.

We develop custom applications based on your requirements using advanced languages like Java, .net, C++, PHP, Node, Python and more, while ensuring complete integration with your existing environment.




Vivid Zone can help you earn more sales and discover more leads we are experienced in building high-performance eCommerce software solutions, we also provide tailored POS solutions that integrate directly with top eCommerce platforms.


UI/UX Design

We are specialized in creating beautiful and smooth mobile and web UI/UX designs with a focus on conversions and high performance. We also design fully-interactive prototypes to help our clients understand the technical workflow of the project.



With our HIPPA compliant EMR and EHR solutions we are dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare by making it more accessible and automating several time-consuming, paper-driven, and labor-intensive tasks.

We help healthcare providers automate medical workflows, including billing, adaptive staffing, and enhanced patient care with data analytics.


Business Process Outsourcing

We have been successfully handling processes for a wider range of industries, we have been helping companies by increasing productivity, streamlining the processes, achieving efficiency, and cost-saving through outsourcing. It doesn’t matter whether your process is simple or complex we will rapidly deploy a team of experts based on your requirement, to seamlessly deliver instant high-quality results.


Web & mobile apps

Our Native, Hybrid, and Cross-platform mobile apps solutions on Android and iOS thrived in Java, Object-C, SWIFT, React Native, Ionic, Unity, and Unreal Engine by our professional team. We offer solutions that are user-friendly and well customized to meet customers' requirements.



Vivid Zone Software-as-a-Service development covers the design, development, and maintenance of multi-tenancy applications. We can also migrate your SaaS-based applications to another cloud provider or turn your on-premises application into SaaS by reshaping it for the cloud infrastructure.


Extended Services



Our REST API architecture and development services enable external integration with systems like AWS, Google, Azure. We provide Third party API integration services such as Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Google APIs, Twilio, Quickbooks, solve360, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, Expedia, and Amadeus.



API development

We’ll develop APIs that can enable your business to publish data externally, making it available in real-time for your customers and vendors.

We have excellent expertise to build secure, extensible APIs efficiently by utilizing modern tools such as Postman, SoapUI, and Swagger. We’ll build the right application for your specific API requirements based on a suitable architectural principle like SOAP or REST, XML, or JSON.


Medical Billing

Deciding to outsource your medical billing is not a decision to be taken lightly, in some cases healthcare providers are losing significant revenue annually due to malpractices such as inaccurate coding, insufficient documentation, and failure to monitor the medical claims process from beginning to end and not staying updated with industry changes. 

With excellent attention to detail and vast industry experience, our people possess the right skills and knowledge to ensure the best practices in healthcare revenue cycle management.



Let our expert team handle your back-office processes so you can focus on what you do best, rather than get caught up in processes that are slowing your office down, Let us face all the obstacles, we stand out from the competition with a clear commitment to process Improvement.
We aim to take your operations to the next level with our call center outsourcing services, we specialize in customer care, inbound and outbound sales, order processing, technical support, customer relationship management, chat support, and email response.

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Vivid Zone is an IT professional services and outsourcing company with experience of over 10 years of providing services in regulated industries.