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The number of websites is growing every year. More and more companies are investing in making their website a full-fledged showcase. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and you need to be up to date with trends so that your website is considered modern. What web development trends will apply in 2023? Here are a few of them.

Last year, minimalism, split screen and layers were in vogue. Are you curious if these trends continue? If yes, check out the web development trends for 2023!

1.     A Website Adapted To Many Devices

In the coming year, a special role will be played by adapting the website to each device, especially to the smartphones.

Using websites is to be as intuitive and simple as on a computer. For this, you can put all unnecessary items in the menu.

Remember that the real motto of web design in 2023 is the maximum elimination of difficulties for users.

2.     Dark Background

In 2023, choose a dark background – but do not choose pure black, because, in combination with a bright font, it will create too much contrast that will tire your visitor’s eyesight. Instead, opt for, for example, graphite.

This trend has been created primarily by social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. They are the ones who allow you to choose a light or dark background.

Therefore, if you want your website to be fashionable, be sure to follow this path.

3.     Full View Drop-Down Menu

This trend comes from mobile applications, where you have certainly used the menu in the form of a “hamburger” more than once. Back then, by clicking on that symbol, the menu would expand to fill the entire screen.

However, in 2023, this fashion is also moving to desktop versions of websites. Thanks to this, the collapsed menu does not take up much space, and in the expanded form the text is really clear and stays in the recipients’ memory for longer.

4.     Asymmetry

Without a doubt, last year was unusual, which is perfectly emphasized by the trends in website development in 2023. The ubiquitous asymmetry is the best confirmation of this thesis.

In this way, you will emphasize the unique character of your website even better and introduce controlled chaos.

This solution is really intriguing, provides a lot of variety, and at the same time adds a dynamic look to the site.

So don’t be afraid of pictures of different sizes or overlapping text blocks. With this, you can associate your website with higher quality.

5.     Push Notifications

Although push notifications are still quite controversial for some users, their presence is one of the most important trends.

It is only important that you take care of the possibility of turning them off, as well as maximum matching to the target group.

Also, don’t forget to think carefully about the frequency with which notifications will appear.

6.     Implementation of The So-Called Motion Design

The modern user is impatient and wants to get all the information at once.

Photos are not able to give them that, which is why “motion design”, i.e. short animations or gifs, is among the trends.

Thanks to them, a person visiting your website gains the most important data, features and the appearance of the product in a few seconds.

7.     Videos on The Site

Embedding video files on the website is not a new trend, but no alternative has yet been found.

If you want to place videos, remember that they must be short and interesting, because the user will spend max. 2-4 minutes.

8.     Chat Bots

Again, the lack of time has to be addressed, as the chatbots are supposed to provide all the necessary information immediately.

Thanks to this, the user does not have to wait for when you start working but gets answers to questions right away.

9.     Minimalism

In 2023, minimalism still dominates. It will apply to e.g. simplify the interface, hide the navigation bar, reduce the number of colors used on the page, and limit additional details related to graphics. In addition, the rule of minimum buttons will apply.

10.Solid Color Blocks

If you want to divide the page into several parts (more than 2), remember to keep the color of individual blocks uniform. However, you can choose different shades, which will communicate which part is the most important.

However, it is important that your actions are well thought out and that the individual blocks have the same size.

11.3D Elements And Animations

The new year is a real fight against the 2D effect, which is why another trend concerns the overlapping of individual layers, thanks to which you can easily achieve a multidimensional effect on the page.

This trend has been going on for a long time. With the help of such a design, you will effectively get rid of the impression of a flat side. In addition, animations increase the time that users spend on your site.

Remember, however, that in the case of animations, you need to ensure good optimization, because only this will ensure efficient service and, above all, fast loading.

Also, note that in 2023 it is especially worth betting on animation in the form of parallax – this is another one of the popular web development trends.


Another fashionable solution in 2023 is blurring. With their help, you can easily highlight the most important elements on the page, and even more emphasize the importance of a given header. At the same time, blurs are an extremely interesting decorative element. After all, you can play not only with its size or power but also with color, so blurs will work even if you prefer a minimalist style.

13.Full-Screen Forms

A very important trend in 2023 will be large elements, which are to be less on the page but are there to attract attention with their size.

This rule also applies to the contact form, because it has to be really visible.

14.Customized Graphics

Another trend concerns tailor-made graphics. Images that are prepared specially for your website will gain more and more importance.

Thanks to this, the photos will not only be a good representation of your offer, but also the websites will become more diverse.

15.Increased Importance Of “White Space”

Remember that empty spaces between sentences, elements on the page, etc. are not a waste of space. In this way, you can signal that some part is particularly important.

In 2023, the “whitespace” will be even clearer and larger.

16.Split Screen

Do you have a lot of information to share or do you offer a variety of products and services? In any of these cases, the split-screen trend is just for you.

The only important thing is that you use the graphic to suggest which of these parts is a priority for you.

17.Sound On The Site

The trend for website music is back again. This solution was quite popular at the beginning of the 21st century.

However, it is now present in a more modern form. After all, it is crucial that the sounds match the character of the website, and at the same time do not overwhelm. Only then the music becomes an asset and not an annoying addition.

When using melodies on the page, remember to give users the option to turn off these sounds.

Thanks to this, they can decide for themselves whether they want to listen to the music you suggest.

Having read about all these trends, you may want to apply them to your site right away. But don’t be in a hurry. Understand your brand’s personality and select the ones that complement your business website.  In case you need any professional help, contact our team of expert web developers. They will not only provide you with consultancy but also upgrade your site as per your preferences. Contact us. We are only a click away!